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AKBingo – 30th January 2013

AKBingo – 30th January 2013 Downloads (130130)

Another late update, finally came back from japan so finally got time to update lol…anyways here is the last week episode, check out the DL links below :D

Downloads (4 parts)

Download all parts, and join them using Hjsplit.

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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2 Responses
  1. Surabaya says:

    Thank you for the upload.

    And of course, I support Miichan.

  2. Kloryc says:

    Thanks for the upload!

    I was like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻ ━┻ when I saw Miichan shave her head:

    At first I thought it was for cancer or something then I was like nooo her beautiful hair and then I was like ooooh and then D:

    Mariko’s remark “miiconiq” :D

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