Donation Needed!

Hey there, i will just go straight to the point…i need about 20$ to extend this domain name, and pay some unpaid server bills lol…my financial isnt the best at the moment since im trying to save up money for stuffs, so any help will be appreciated…

Please head to the Donation Page If you would like to donate…i have listed the cost of running this website there if you’d like to know…but at the moment, only 20$ is needed (to pay this months server fee), once i reached that goal i will remove this post.

And to add…honestly, i am starting to lose interested with the AKBingo episodes recently (imo it wasnt as good/funny as the older eps) but i will try to keep updating this website nonetheless, as AKBingo is the one who got me into these AKB fandom 🙂 Cheers all

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4 thoughts on “Donation Needed!”

  1. Ah! Oh no…I would love to help, but unfortunately I don’t have web transferable moneys…maybe I’ll think of something >.<

    Does this site get a lot of traffic? There are so few comments… D:

  2. hey i would like to say thanks for providing these episodes. Honestly this is the only place i trust to get them from. I’m just graduating from college and about to head to japan hopefully. However, that means i’m broke as well lol. I hope it works out though, even though you don’t receive many thank you’s, your uploads are greatly appreciated. Thanks man^_^

  3. I hope you will keep this site up.
    I would like to help but cant 🙁
    I moved to the states from Japan a few years ago and this is the only place I can watch the episodes. Thank you so much for what you do and hope you continue this!

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