AKBingo – 23th March 2011

AKBingo – 23th March 2011 Downloads (110323)

This week’s episode is a recap of the old episodes that were filmed outside of the studio…..perhaps because of the Japan Earthquake / Tsunami a few weeks ago so they couldnt film new episode this week…therefore…the recap episode. oh well…let’s hope Japan will recover soon !

Anyways, this is a pretty good recap episode since they cover some of the “classic” akbingo eps, such as the one acchan visiting a fan who pre-ordered her photobook…lol…

and also the high school surprise, where they sneak into the school and do a namida surprise live performance !

And also the takamina episode where she meet her long-lost old friend…So yeah, it’s a recap ep, but at least it’s a good one haha….still worth to watch again 😀 Below is the download links !

110323 AKBINGO! Download Link

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