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Hey there, i will just go straight to the point…i need about 20$ to extend this domain name, and pay some unpaid server bills lol…my financial isnt the best at the moment since im trying to save up money for stuffs, so any help will be appreciated…

Please head to the Donation Page If you would like to donate…i have listed the cost of running this website there if you’d like to know…but at the moment, only 20$ is needed (to pay this months server fee), once i reached that goal i will remove this post.

And to add…honestly, i am starting to lose interested with the AKBingo episodes recently (imo it wasnt as good/funny as the older eps) but i will try to keep updating this website nonetheless, as AKBingo is the one who got me into these AKB fandom 🙂 Cheers all

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AKBingo – 13th June 2012

AKBingo – 13th June 2012 Downloads (120613)

Sorry for the delay, been very busy lately…anyways, new segment for this episode of akbingo…the sembatsu are back, including Acchan etc 😀 Check it out !

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