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Sae & Kana Plastic Wrap Battle!

Who makes the best unglam face between the two ??? You vote!! :D

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AKB48 High School Surprise

AKB48 performing “Namida Surprise” at a high school…the student really didnt see that coming !! XD

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Yuko Oshima Body Builder Poses

Yuko has done it again with her unglam poses…LOL…check it out !! :D

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AKB meets Angelina Jolie

Another funny clip of AKB’s “world domination” plan….Mayuyu, Yukirin, etc etc mission is to talk with Angelina Jolie in english and make her say “I love AKB”….LOL….did they succeeded or not? See below to find out !! :D

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AKBingo – 24th November 2010

AKBingo – 24th November 2010 Downloads (101124)

This episode follows up from the previous episode…even more punishment game !

Poor Nakaya Sayaka getting splashed by water during the Janken Pon Segment…she made it so far!

Also towards the end there is a PV preview of Chance no Juban !! Woohooo!!

And also Yoyaku shita Christmas PV Preview :D

All in all, another hilarious episode. Download the episode below ! :D

101124_AKBINGO! Download Link

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Kiyoto’s Getting Married (Subbed)

Shocking announcement about Kiyoto from Bad Boys !! LOL XD

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Jurina and Yuko’s Impersonation

Jurina and Yuko’s Impersonation during an AKBingo segment….lol!! Yuko’s chicken impersonation is the best !!!

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Matsui Rena – Ikemen [English subs]

A funny segment of Matsui Rena Cosplaying as a Guy + Archer….she is just too cool cosplaying as guys !! LOL XD :D

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AKBingo Haru Natsuaki skit [English subs]

A funny skit of Takajou Aki performing as an idol called “Haru Natsu Aki” …lol…check it out !!

Buri Buri~

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091125 AKBINGO! Acchan + Robert Pattinson

Another funny of Acchan interviewing Robert Pattison of “Twilight” series fame…check it out !! LOL XD

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