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Hey there, i will just go straight to the point…i need about 20$ to extend this domain name, and pay some unpaid server bills lol…my financial isnt the best at the moment since im trying to save up money for stuffs, so any help will be appreciated…

Please head to the Donation Page If you would like to donate…i have listed the cost of running this website there if you’d like to know…but at the moment, only 20$ is needed (to pay this months server fee), once i reached that goal i will remove this post.

And to add…honestly, i am starting to lose interested with the AKBingo episodes recently (imo it wasnt as good/funny as the older eps) but i will try to keep updating this website nonetheless, as AKBingo is the one who got me into these AKB fandom 🙂 Cheers all

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AKB48 Singapore Live – 05-15-2011

Just came back from AKB48’s first theatre performance in Singapore….and all i can say it was a blast!! XD 😀

As this is an AKBingo site, you can visit my other blog for my experience of the singapore concert….check it out !

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AKBingo – 15th December 2010

AKBingo – 15th December 2010 Downloads (101215)

Sorry for the lack of updates, i’ve been overseas these last few days with a very slow internet connection…

Anyways, this week’s menu (Episode) of AKBingo is…

A recap episode!! Dang… Yeah, i dont really like recap episodes, but what to do :/ Download links can be found below.

101215 AKBINGO! Download Link

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AKBingo – 1st December 2010

AKBingo – 1st December 2010 Downloads (101201)

Today’s episode is the Yankee battle thing again 😀 Plenty of Kana chan too XD

“Kana chan XD”

The funniest part is probably when they checked kana’s wallet…and she dun have any money in it…LOL…i think only 240 yen in coins and her pasmo …XD

“Poor Kana is Poor XD”

Also the phone calls scene with Yuko and Takamina is hilarious as well 😀 I managed to find a translation of the phone calls, courtesy of Kanki from Stage48. Here it is:

Yuko’s dad’s phone translation
Yuko’s Dad (YD): Hello
Yuko: Hello
YD: Yes.
Yuko: Dad?
YD: Yep.
Yuko: It’s Yuko.
YD: What’s going on?
Yuko: Well, right now I’m in the middle of filming.
Everyone: Hello!
Yuko: Everyone says hi~
YD: Hello?
Sata: Hello.
Sata: I’m always indebted to you.
YD: Ah! I should be the one saying that.
Sata: We’re currently filming and…
YD: Yes.
Sata: This time we had one call to you and Kobayashi hasn’t fallen into the flour and finished, but after this she’s going to go into the flour.
YD: Well, that’s delicious.

LOL Poor Kana chan ~~ 😀

“Moshi Moshi~~”

Now for Takamina’s part…

Takahashi’s mom’s phone translation
Takahashi’s mom (TM): Hello
Takahashi: Hello
TM: Yes?
Takahashi: Mama?
TM: Yes.
Takahashi: Let me hand it over to Sata-san, okay?
TM: Okay?
Sata: Mother, sorry for calling you so late in the evening.
TM: What~!?
Sata: I’m Bad Boys Sata, but…
TM: I’m so indebted to yooou~
Sata: Oh, sorry. Right now, we’re filming and we wanted to see how many times your phone would ring.
TM: What? Okay.
Sata: If it were more than 8, AKB’s Oya would have fallen into some flour.
TM: Okay. Haha.
Sata: But, you ruined our plan!
TM: Hahahaha~
Sata: No no, no no~ It was just because you slipped. Sorry, mother. Is there anything you would like to say to Takahashi?
TM: Uh, do your best not to slip.

LOL !! XD 😀

Also toward the end there also few seconds preview of Chance no Junban coupling songs PVs… Alive looks awesome XD

Anyways here is the download links for this week episode :

101201_AKBINGO! Download Link

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AKBingo – 24th November 2010

AKBingo – 24th November 2010 Downloads (101124)

This episode follows up from the previous episode…even more punishment game !

Poor Nakaya Sayaka getting splashed by water during the Janken Pon Segment…she made it so far!

Also towards the end there is a PV preview of Chance no Juban !! Woohooo!!

And also Yoyaku shita Christmas PV Preview 😀

All in all, another hilarious episode. Download the episode below ! 😀

101124_AKBINGO! Download Link

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